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About Us

Marcadeo is a Digital Advertisement and Media Company. An organization that gives you an array of different digital marketing products to help you to establish yourself in the digital world through our set of publishers with their own unique and quality traffic channels.

  • Founded in 2018.
  • Direct Global Mobile & Web Traffic.
  • Successfully executed campaign for top brands.


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Email Marketing

We offer the complete solution for successful email performance to advertiser by segmenting and profiled email subscribers derived from historical response rates across campaigns and ROI achieved.

Mobile Marketing

Multichannel strategy aimed at reaching a target audience in their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices via in-app traffic, SMS ,SDK and achieving desired ROI.

Display Ads

Wide variety of high-ranking publishers depending on the target audience through standard/rich media for high visibility.

Video Ads

We will help you optimize your online video advertising campaign, promoting your brand and product by connecting with the audience anytime.


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